10 Awesome Jobs You Can Do Anywhere In The World

If you have an insatiable sense of wanderlust or hate the thought of being tied down to one location, there is hope! In today's digital age, there is a huge opportunity to do any number of jobs from practically anywhere in the world. 

The life of a digital nomad is seductive for many. Imagine sitting in a beach bar in Thailand, sipping a cocktail whilst carrying out your work on your laptop. Or imagine travelling the world and seeing amazing new destinations and working as you go. This lifestyle is possible. It is completely realistic to work from anywhere in the world and live the life you want to. Here are 10 well-paid jobs that you can perform from anywhere!

1. Travel Blogger

Who would have thought that being a travel blogger could be an actual job? With the advent of the internet, blogging, and social media, this job has become an extremely plausible prospect. Many people are quitting their standard 9-5 jobs and pursuing a life of travel funded by their blogging skills.

Being a travel blogger is hard work, but the rewards are potentially great. You can create a blog even if you don’t have web development skills. You can also use your photography and videos to add visual content to your posts. Travel blogs (or any blog for that matter) can be monetised using paid advertisements, sponsored posts, and social media marketing. 

2. Photographer

Photography is another business that can be performed from anywhere. If you are active and travel frequently, you can photograph your travels, and get pictures that others are unable to get typical access to. If you perform studio photography, you can set up a studio from anywhere, providing you have the right equipment. Alternatively, you could freelance for global brands and be on hand to hop on a plane whenever required - an exciting prospect for keen travellers.

The initial investment to become a professional photographer is possibly the steepest on this list – you will need at least a high-quality DSLR camera and a range of lenses – these will cost thousands. The investment can be worthwhile, as high quality imagery is in great demand. 

3. Travel Consultant / Planner
As you can see there are many roles that revolve around travel. If you love travelling, and seeing the world, why not share your knowledge with others and become a travel consultant? Many bloggers incorporate consultation as part of their offering.

Consultation can involve giving travel advice to others. It can also mean actually planning trips for groups of people including booking accommodation, flights and a whole itinerary. You can combine something you love, together with something that can be lucrative when done right. 

4. Content Writer

Every website you see, and every blog you read needs content. That content is not always created by the website owners or a person within their organisation. In today’s modern digital world, content creation is often sub-contracted to freelance writers. This is a job that can be extremely lucrative if you have the right skills and dedication.

Platforms such as UpWork allow you to apply for writing jobs. All you need is a laptop or tablet and an internet connection. Content writing can be on any subject, so good general knowledge and an ability to research is worthwhile. If you have decent writing skills then you can certainly earn a living being a freelance content creator from anywhere in the world!

5. Video / Audio editor

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform for content in the world. Millions of people have their own YouTube channels and create videos on anything from gaming and travel, to food and business. Not all of these YouTubers edit their own videos. Often, they will pay someone to do the editing so they can focus on creating the actual content in the first place and keep a regular flow of updates to their channel.

As with content creation, to be an editor all you need is a laptop and an internet connection. You will also need video editing software and of course knowledge of the industry and its techniques. Video and audio editing is something you can do anywhere in the world – you could literally have a list of clients spanning the four corners of the globe.

6. Web developer

If you have a talent for web design, scripting and development, you can become a web developer from anywhere. This is a job that is not tied down by location. Some clients may want face-to-face meetings to discuss their requirements – but you could have a Skype call or video conference instead.

Every business today has a website or some form of presence on the internet. Furthermore, there is a range of tools and platforms that allow you to create websites with minimal HTML and coding knowledge. You could also combine your web developer skills together with social media management and blogging.

7. Event Planning
Event planning can be a rewarding and lucrative job. This is also a job that is not constrained by location. You can plan events for anything from music festivals to business conferences. There may, of course, be instances where you must visit a physical location, such as a proposed spot for the event, but you can do much of the work online from your laptop.

8. Customer Service representative

This may not be the most glamorous job, but it can still earn you some cash, especially if you put the hours in. Customer service is a necessity in today’s conscious world of business. Most businesses will have a dedicated customer service team to deal with their consumer's problems - many of the enquiries coming via live chat on a website. You can actually do freelance customer service – all you need is a headset and impeccable customer service skills. It is possible to take a course in customer service and gain a variety of qualifications.

9. Mobile game developer

Smartphone apps and games are currently big business. Whilst traditional console and PC games are still hugely popular, mobile games and apps now command a large section of the industry. If you enjoy gaming and have a creative eye, you could become a mobile game developer! There is a host of different platforms you can use, and plenty of development teams that are looking for freelance workers. If you have a laptop, creative skills, and a fantastic imagination, game development could be for you!

10. Transcriptionist
A transcriptionist is someone who listens to voice recordings or sits in on meetings and types up spoken conversations into fully fledged documents. A transcriptionist can work from anywhere. You can either listen to meetings live via video/voice chats, or you can simply listen to sound bites as MP3 files for example.

What are you waiting for? If you have dreamt of working in a far-off location then there is literally nothing stopping you. The world is your oyster and the digital world can allow you to realise your dreams. There are of well-paid jobs that you can perform from anywhere. We only get one shot at life – if working abroad or living a nomadic lifestyle is something you aspire to do, then go for it!

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