11 Travel Vloggers That Will Inspire You To Live The Dream

Travel vlogging and blogging has simply exploded onto the internet in the last 5 years. So much so that it is now a viable means of earning a living. Huge amounts of people have literally quit their 9-5 jobs in search of freedom and adventure. Blogging and vlogging can help fund that lifestyle and also help others learn about our amazing world. Getting paid to travel, what could be better?

Blogging usually involves creating a website and writing regular articles. Vlogging is similar but involves creating video blogs, most of which get viewed on YouTube, Instagram Stories / TV and suchlike. YouTube in particular has helped make travel vlogging hugely popular and has shaped the way in which we all consume video content. Tuning in to a YouTube travel vlog can make or break the success of a future trip. It can also be the difference between the inspiration needed to travel, or staying at home!

11 of The Best YouTube Travel Vlogs

To help inspire others, and show the wonders of our world, we have shared 11 magnificent travel vloggers that could help to genuinely change your life!  

1. Mark Weins

Mark Weins is a legendary travel blogger and vlogger. With a whopping 3.6 million subscribers, he is one of the most popular travel vloggers in the world. His vlogs usually centre on the different foods he eats whilst travelling. You can gain advice on eating street food in Thailand markets and authentic village food in Pakistan for example. Furthermore, Mark provides a glimpse into areas of the world that are often less trodden such as Uzbekistan and Ethiopia. His enthusiasm is infectious and the expressions he makes when tasting food can't fail to bring a smile to your face.

2. Lost Leblanc

Christian Leblanc is a full-time traveller from Canada. He has managed to build up a huge community of followers who are collectively known as #TeamGetLost. Leblanc provides a multitude of fantastic travel guides to places such as the Philippines, Peru and Bali (his current place of residence). His vlog series are just as fun and informative – you can really gain a sense of his passion for travel. Examples of vlog playlists include Indonesia travel advice, vlog equipment guides and general travel tips. Christian delivers his content in an informative and experienced way. Having lived in Thailand and currently Bali he has a huge amount of experience in Asia and his vlogs are an invaluable asset for anyone travelling throughout the continent.

3. The Bucket List Family

The Gee family decided to give up their mundane lives and sold everything to start a lifestyle of travel-inspiring stuff. They now operate as travel journalists and we get to gain insight into their travels and adventures. As a family, you can watch some awesome videos of their children learning new skills such as diving and cooking. Each family member even has their own playlist on their vlog channel which is a cool addition. Not only will you learn huge amounts about how to travel, but you will gain a fascinating insight into another way of living with a family and bringing children up. The family are an inspiration and come across as very genuine and caring.


4. 8 Miles from Home

Sacha and Jmayel hail from the UK and have enjoyed a varied life of travel. They have scoured the world together from Thailand to Australia, along with their dog Eden. Upon having their first child they moved to Portugal and now have a fantastic video blog that documents their adventures. Their videos are simply fantastic and are accompanied by a host of amazing photography. You can watch their travels and also see the trials they face raising a child. You will get a very genuine sense of living from 8 Miles From Home. Tip: Check out their Thailand travel videos from when they lived in the country.

5. Fun for Louis

Louise Cole is possibly one of the most famous travel vloggers in the world. This guy even has his own Wikipedia page (Isn’t that everyone’s dream?) with estimated monthly incomes anywhere up to $20,000 USD!. His vlogs are absolutely fantastic and give you a detailed look at his action-packed lifestyle of travel. You can follow Louise from such far off destinations as Mumbai, Cape Town, Australia and many cities in Europe. His videos are often short and sweet, but also fun and inspiring.   

6. Psychotraveller

Aly is from Birmingham in the UK and has been an intrepid traveller from over three years. Her blog and vlog are bursting with amazing travel advice – from hotel reviews and booking flights, to visa problems and backpacking tips. Her vlogs are really fun and centre on her travels and also her journey as a travel blogger. The channel is aimed at expressing the highs and lows of life as a digital nomad. Being a psychology graduate clearly helps Aly deliver great content in a way that expresses herself. 

7. Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate have a 'simple goal' – to travel to 100 countries by 2020. Since 2016, they have been travelling the world and using their YouTube channel as a platform to share their journey. Their vlogs are brilliant and they regularly make use of a selfie stick to capture them doing various different activities. You can watch them exploring Havana, journeying on the Trans-Siberian Railway, and sleeping in the Omani desert for example! We first came into contact with Kara and Nate's channel via LostLeBlanc, when they were travelling around Bali together and Christian helped to promote their channel within his own content.

8. Fearless & Far

Fearless & Far is all about experiencing the weird and wonderful in our world. This vlogger shies away from nothing and embraces those things that most of us would only dream of. For example, you can watch the bizarre exploding hammer festival in Mexico where participants literally smash explosives with sledgehammers – where else in the world could you watch something like this? Other alternative travel videos include eating ETAG in the Philippines and visiting the rainbow salt flats of Mexico. 

9. Hey Nadine

Nadine is a hugely successful travel vlogger with a host of accolades and awards to prove her talents. Her genuine passion for travel can clearly be seen through her website and YouTube channel. Her videos vary from travel hacks on flying, to some of the common mistakes to avoid as a tourist. Furthermore, she gives advice on top places to travel, and also some additional cool female-specific travel hacks.

10. Gone with the Wynns

Jason and Nikki embarked on a life of travel back in 2011 – since then they have explored a huge portion of our planet. They are currently undertaking a monumental sailing trip around the world and have accumulated more than 10,000 nautical miles! Their vlog offers awesome insight into travel, specifically via sailing. You will gain practical tips and also see our world from an entirely different angle from typical travel vlogs.

11. Mr Ben Brown

Ben Brown loves to explore the extreme regions of our world. His vlog has an impressive army of followers and he uploads regular videos. Highlights of his videos include watching whales swim in the ocean, sailing through Arctic waters and exploring the Alps on a BMW motorbike! If you love extreme adventures then Mr Ben brown is a superb channel to subscribe too. 

Why not check out these inspiring people’s Eco-Friendly YouTube channels and see what words of wisdom they can provide?

We won’t be held responsible if you end up watching travel vlogs for months at the expense of completing your normal daily chores! However, what you could gain in return is an improved appreciation for our world and a host of inspiration for your own travels and lifestyle.


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