5 Eco-Friendly YouTube Channels That Inspire Change

We continue to be inspired by others to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Check out our top 5 recommended eco-friendly YouTube channels for inspiration, information and entertainment. 


The Girl Gone Green 

Manuela has been on YouTube since 2015 and has produced dozens of highly informative, practical and entertaining vlogs. She has a genuine passion for sustainability and the environment and is able to deliver inspiration to her audience without seeming like she is preaching or being unkind. Discover everything from her low-waste kitchen hacks to how she changed her diet to become vegan and the results of these changes. 

Rob Greenfield

"A dude making a difference." He is the author of a book by the same name - but it sums up this man exactly. If this guy doesn't inspire you, nobody will! On his activism and adventure journey he has done some pretty awesome stuff. He has cycled across the USA three times on a bamboo bicycle and has lived in a minuscule (by modern standards) 50 square feet home to raise awareness and funds for people with no homes whatsoever. These are just two examples but there's lots more. Rob donates 100% of his media profits to grassroots nonprofits. You may want to check out Rob's 23 favourite YouTube channels.

Eco Boost 

Kate Arnell is a London based zero-waste and eco-friendly enthusiast. Kate's channel provides lots of life advice in general, but specifically shopping, conscious consumerism and product tips, to help us all in our quest to become more eco-friendly. Since giving birth to a beautiful baby boy (congratulations Kate) she has naturally not updated her videos as often, but there's loads of previous content on her channel you'll find useful and relevant in 2019.  

Living Waste Free

Samantha makes living waste free simple to understand and easy to apply. On her channel you'll find lots of ways to make your shopping more sustainable, as well as some very tasty zero waste meals and snacks (we've tried them!). More recently, Samantha has produced some broader content - that doesn't just focus on zero waste, but still has a sustainable and ethical standpoint. That's an important point to make. 'Zero waste' lifestyles can be daunting to some people that are simply looking to be more responsible in their life choices and we need more people like Samantha!

Trash Is For Tossers

Last but not least - Trash Is For Tossers Brought to you by Lauren Singer. This awesome YouTube channel not only has a memorable name but some absolutely fantastic content. Here you can find DIY recipes, Zero Waste tips, and sustainability tricks in order to live a waste-free or low-waste life. There has been less content updates recently - but there are absolutely masses of videos on her channel answering wide ranging questions on zero waste and eco-friendly lifestyles. We particularly love the short and easy-to-digest nature of Lauren's content. It's really easy going yet practical. 






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