Awesome ECO-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas for 2018

Christmas is nearly here, and you're probably scratching your head pondering what gifts to buy friends and family. To save you lots of deliberation, we've compiled a list of some awesome eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas...

Cork Handbags & Accessories

Cork is becoming increasingly popular as an eco material due to its flexibility, durability and ability to make a cool looking product. You can purchase various items made of cork including yoga mats, handbags, shopping bags & more. Get them via Captain Cork

Bamboo Drinking Straws 

Completely biodegradable, bamboo straws are the perfect Christmas gift for the eco conscious. Buy them individually, or in packs including a handy travel case and straw cleaner. Get them via Nomad Genie 

Insulated Drinks Bottle / Flask

Plastic drinks bottles are destroying the entire ecosystem. An insulated drinks bottle or flask that you can take with you anywhere and refill it as and when you need to cuts out plastic waste and keeps your cool drinks cool and your hot drinks hot. Get them via Swell

Glass Storage Jars

Whether its something to store your lunch in, or organisers for the kitchen, using alternatives to plastic are more eco friendly and even more useful (you can freeze and microwave some of the alternatives). Get them via Weangreen

Bamboo Handbag 

A stylish present for the eco and fashion conscious. What better way to show off that you care for the planet by using a bamboo handbag to transport your belongings? Cheaper versions are available, but we love the Gaia’s Ark bamboo handbags. Get them via Cult Gaia 

Reusable Grocery Bag 

So it’s not exactly a flash Christmas present, but it may be one of the most used presents you give. A reusable eco shopping bag that can fold up and be taken anywhere will save literally hundreds of plastic bags each year. Get them via Earthwise on Amazon 

Bamboo Toothbrushes & Travel Case

Plastic toothbrushes take decades to decompose. A sustainable alternative is a bamboo version that is totally biodegradable minus the bristles. Family packs make the ideal gifts with the different colours used to differentiate who’s brush is who’s. Nomad Genie 

Bamboo Sunglasses

A stylish and distinctive gift for the eco conscious. Bamboo framed sunglasses look great and reduce the amount of plastic used in the sunglasses manufacturing process. Get them via Nomad Genie

Eco Friendly Candles

Soy candles are naturally non-toxic and biodegradable. They don’t emit harmful chemicals into the air. Other eco candles are also available. Get them via Candles Naturally

Reusable Coffee Cup 

A reusable coffee cup makes a great Christmas gift with major coffee shops such as Starbucks offering rewards for people who bring their own cups. Various designs are available. Get them via Sweetness & Pea

Natural Soaps & Shampoo Bars

Made without the chemicals, a natural soap or shampoo bar makes a useful and thoughtful eco Christmas gift. Completely biodegradable and kind to skin. Get them via Friendly Soap

Metal Drinking Straws 

Designed to be reused time and time again, metal drinking straws have evolved to include different diameters, sizes, colours and styles. Use them for all types of beverage and take them with you wherever you go. The perfect gift for anyone that wants to avoid single use plastic straws. Get them via Nomad Genie - pick your own pack and style. 

Recycled Socks

How could any Christmas be complete without a customary pair of Christmas socks. The perfect gift for someone that you have no idea what else to buy them! Get them via Solmate Socks on Amazon.

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