“6 Things We Learnt From Using Reusable Metal Drinking Straws"

Let’s begin by explaining we don’t want to tell anyone how to live. Whether that’s dictating dietary habits to others’ or telling them what they have to use to drink out of. It’s not our game. However, we are here to share our experiences and things that we feel may be of benefit to you.  

Since we launched our metal straws we’ve received a range of feedback. A huge percentage of it has been positive, but there has been the odd comment along the lines of ‘why use a straw at all?’ and other such questions.

So, here’s what you can expect once you start using metal drinking straws…


1) You control the hygiene element: If you keep your own straws you don’t have to worry about whether a glass has been cleaned properly, or where a plastic straw has been kept before you use it. If you keep your own straws clean you will reduce the bacteria and germs you come into contact with.

Say No To Single-Use Plastic Straws

Image: Marco Verch 

2) It is easier to say no to a plastic straw: If you have your metal drinking straws at the ready, it is easy to communicate that you don’t require the plastic one you will inevitably be passed in the majority of drinks venues and restaurants. Even if you are somewhere unusual in the world where they don’t speak your language, you can demonstrate that you already have a straw. This also sets the example for the waiter / waitress and they will begin to understand and feed back to management that people have begun to say no to single-use plastic straws.

3) Better taste: High food grade stainless steel not only remains in its shape when drinking a beverage but you don’t get the plastic tang or chemical taste that you can get from single-use plastic straws. Food feels and tastes better with nice cutlery and drinks are exactly the same. Give it a try, you’ll see what we mean!

Veganary Bangkok Metal Drinking Straws

4) Other people will ask where you bought them from! As people become more and more familiar with the destruction that single-use plastic is causing, they’re looking for alternatives. Seeing you with your fancy metal drinking straws may get you some admiring looks and some questions. Be flattered that you are making a difference!

Bali Plastic Straws on Beach

5) You will notice plastic straws… everywhere: Whether you are on holiday walking along the beach, or in your favourite restaurant, you’ll begin to notice the sheer consumption of single-use plastic straws and the destruction they are causing. On beaches especially, all around the world, you’ll inevitably see some washed up. On a recent trip to Bali we were able to collect more than 30 plastic straws from a stretch of beach less than 100metres in length. Further up the coast huge clean up operations were taking place. The clean up by the locals was good to see, but prevention is better than cure.

6) They will have a direct impact on your habits: Once you start using metal drinking straws you begin to open up your conscious mind to unnecessary plastic usage, especially single-use plastic. Next time you are passed plastic cutlery, or asked if you want a plastic bag (with or without a surcharge) you’ll look for a better alternative and you may even begin shopping for alternatives. We did! 


    Did You Know? Straws are kinder to your teeth. Proper use of a drinking straw can reduce the enamel on your teeth coming into contact with as many sugars, as well as the stains that coffee and juices can cause.

    Nomad Genie Metal Drinking Straws


    Questions & Answers

     James is 28 and from the UK. We fired some of your questions at him...

     Q. What metal straws do you use? 

     A. I use straight and curved 6mm and 8mm metal straws. It depends on where I am and what I am drinking on what size and colour I opt for. Being able to choose straws is a pretty cool feature.

     Q. Why did you start using metal straws? 

     A. First of all I was noticing an increase in shocking images of Sea life caught up in plastic on social media. They stuck with me, and coincidentally I was having dinner with a good friend when I noticed she was using a metal straw. I asked where she got her pack from and took it from there...

    Q. How are you getting on with them? 

    A. Yeah, great. It has become habit now to carry them around in their own little bag. I keep a set in my gym back and another in my glove compartment in my car so I am always able to use them. If I’m travelling I make sure they get packed.

    Q. Do you use the Straw Cleaner?

    A. The cleaner comes in useful sometimes, but a good piece of advice is to have a sip of water through the straws before putting them away - it helps make cleaning them properly at home so much easier. 

    Q. What drinks do you use them with?

    A. I use them for all kinds of soft drinks, cold coffees and cocktails. The larger ones are great for smoothies and shakes. In the summer or when travelling to a hot country ice is often included in a drink. The fact is, such drinks are much easier to drink with a straw and stops you tipping ice down yourself. 

    Q. Any other tips for new metal straw users, James? 

    A. Don’t bite them! 

    Want to know more? Check out the complete guide to metal straws

    Coloured Metal Drinking Straws

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