Welcome to Nomad Genie...

It is our mission to reduce single-use plastic consumption and encourage responsible travel experiences. We love exploring, and as a group we have travelled to a multitude of different countries across the world via countless modes of transport.

Nomad Genie prides itself on the development of quality Travel accessories and Eco-friendly products. They have been designed to last, and provide a superior alternative to single-use plastic.

With such a varied experience of travelling to different places we have witnessed first hand the huge devastation our throwaway culture and irresponsible consumption is causing. It is wreaking havoc on the entire ecosystem and will continue to do so until drastic change is implemented.

What's the point in supplying sustainable products if they come in masses of plastic packaging that will end up in the bin? Our team has paid close attention the entire supply chain to ensure it is as eco-friendly as possible. That means using recycled paper packaging where possible.  

We welcome all trade enquiries and our on hand to answer any questions you may have. Make sure you come and say hi on one of our social media channels! 

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