Bamboo Straws x4 With Cleaner
bamboo straws x4
Bamboo Straws 4 pack
Bamboo Straws bag
Bamboo Straws Set of 4
set of 4 bamboo straws in Bag

NG Bamboo Straws Pack of 4 With Cleaner And Bag

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  • x 4 Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws 
  • x 1 Straw Cleaning Brush
  • x 1 Linen Straw Holder

Each of the bamboo straws in this pack of four set are handmade in South East Asia. They are 100% biodegradable, strong and durable. 

Designed to eliminate the need for single-use plastic straws, which are destroying the environment. These bamboo drinking straws are a sustainable and reusable alternative. Switching to bamboo straws from plastic straws may appear like a small change but on a wider scale will make a big difference to the entire ecosystem.

Plastic straws are ruining our beaches and destroying our oceans. Microplastics even end up in the food we consume! They are a disaster to recycle and take decades to decompose. 

Did you know? Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the grass family and releases 30% more oxygen to the atmosphere compared to other plants

Ideal for soft drinks and cocktails - the diameter of these bamboo straws also makes them the perfect companion to a smoothie or shake. Supplied in a pack of four with a cleaner and their own eco carrier.

No pesticides or chemicals are used while growing or cleaning our organic bamboo drinking straws. 

    *Please note, due to being a totally natural product, product will vary in diameter and in appearance. The diameters range from 8mm-10mm and shades can vary.


    • Rinse Bamboo Straw Before Each Use
    • After use, clean straw with water and use brush as required. 
    • Leave to dry, ideally in natural sunlight


      • Internal Diameter approximately 8mm - 10mm
      • Length 20cm approx


      We ship worldwide from our UK base

      • UNITED KINGDOM - 1-3 working days
      • EUROPE - 3-5 working days
      • USA & REST OF THE WORLD - 5-7 working days